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How to Make Slipper Socks - Tutorial 272

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Slipper Socks

In this lesson, we crochet together with the master simple beautiful slippers for the video for beginners. These crocheted slippers are visible, which you see in the photo, follow our instructions in the video master class and descriptions of the product details schemes will be easy and time for their crocheting need not be much even for beginners.

Crochet Slipper

To perform these tracks of slippers you will need:

  • remnants of wool blend yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 300 m in 100 g) of three colors;
  • hook 2.5 mm or 3 mm;
  • scissors, markers and centimeter tape.

The size of the product: 38-39 (24-25 cm).

Crochet Slipper:

  1. 1. Crochet the sole in rounds
  2. 2. Make trims around the sole of 2 colors
  3. 3. Instep part crochet separetly
  4. 4. Join the instep part to the main pattern and crochet the trim around free part of the sock. The trim is made of white color of yarn and single crochet

How to make bigger or smaller slipper

  • To crochet this product to larger or smaller sizes, you should do the following:
  • Crochet a round (more round than one) of the sole to make bigger size of the sock slipper.
  • To make the sock slipper shorter crochet a round less. Determine by fitting.

Patterns for this socks

In this part you will see the pattern for this slippers.

Part 1:

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 2


In the photo, look at how these beautiful and simple slippers will look, connected in our lesson.

Instep part:

Instep part

Heel of the sock:

Heel of the sock

The Sole:

The Sole

Video tutorial

In addition to the description and diagrams of the product, we have prepared a detailed video master tutorial of crocheting slippers for beginners:

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0 # Soffity34 2018-05-01 05:09
I've followed the tutorial for 272 and mine isn't curling up into a slipper, it's staying almost flat. Have I made a mistake or will it be ok once I put the other bits on.

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