Crochet Sock Slippers Tutorial 172

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In this video tutorial, I will be demonstrating how you crochet warm comfortable socks slippers without seams.

We will begin the work from heel part then we will make foot part made of front post and back post. After that, I 'm gonna to crochet insert and toe part of the sock in rounds and finishing the work by crocheting the trim and cord for crochet sock slippers. The sole of such sock made of front post and back post and while wearing such sock or a slipper your legs will get the easy massage after a hard working day.

The size of the sock 36-37 (the length is 23 cm).You need 200 g of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic, 240 m in 100 g. Crochet Hook 5-6 mm.

Crocheted Sock Slippers


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