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Crochet Sun Face Purse/Bag Tutorial 9 Part 2 of 2

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Crochet Sun Face Purse/Bag Tutorial 9 Part 2 of 2

 In this detailed video tutorial you will see the way how you can decorate a simple round purse creating a happy face. To make cute face for our crochet sun purse we need to crochet a nose and two eyes and then add them to the front of the purse. Then on a main round motif crochet a mouth by working single crochet stitches. Then you can embellish your purse with just anything you can imagine: flowers, leaves, buttons, eyelashes, freckles etc. Thanks for watching! Purse was made with Crochet Hook 2.25mm (which is #2 US standard) and with yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Poly Acryli, 160m/50g.

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