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Crochet Jacket Blouse For Baby Tutorial 80

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Crochet Jacket Blouse For Baby

In the canvas product consist of 64 motives.

For the lower part of the product, it is necessary to tie three strips of 10 square motifs each.

In the upper part from the front, there are 6 motifs - these are the upper motifs of the shelves, 3 on each shelf. In the upper part of the product from the back, there are two lanes of 4 motives.

After completing the front and back we will start crocheting the sleeves.

For each of the sleeves, you must have 12 motifs.

Next is the binding of the side parts of the shelves and crocheted the gate - quilling.

The blouse is suitable for a child with a chest of 52-54 cm.

Yarn: 100% cotton, 169 meters in 50 grams.

Hook 1.5 mm or 2 mm

How to Crochet Jacket for Baby

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