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Make Crochet Baby Dress - Video 72 Part 1 of 5

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Make Crochet Baby Dress with our step-by-step video tutorials.

In this step-by-step video tutorial crochet baby outfit that consist of baby dress with hat in Bruges Lace.

Tutorial Content :

Make Crochet Baby Dress Video

Crochet Baby Dress Description

The height of the model is 1 m 5 cm. We dived our work on some parts. I will begin from the upper part of the dress. Start the work from the motif then I will show you how join such motives together. After that I going to make the main swatch of the baby dress from up to the down.

Let look at the upper part . After joining motifs together, we crochet the trim for the neckline and I will crochet the wing trim for the sleeves. To complete the dress I sew the upper part to the main swatch.
Let look at hat; we divide on 2 parts : buttom part and the crown.

For the buttom part I need 5 such motives that we are joining in round then we will join 2 parts together. 

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