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Crochet Baby Dress for Baptism Tutorial: №72 Part 4 of 5

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This tutorial will show you how to crochet a pretty baby dress for baptism which is made in Bruges Lace.

 In this video pattern we continue making cute baby dress for baptism in Bruges Lace technique.

Content :

Crochet Baby Dress Pattern

Crochet Baby Dress For Baptism Description

 I remind you this crochet baby dress made in Bruges Lace. In the first part master showed you how to make motifs for such crocheted dress. In this part, you you will watch how to make the upper part of the baby dress. The line has 6 motifs. Then we cochet a Bruges Lace trim for the neckline. To complete this nice baby dress for baptism you should sew upper part and main part together. You can add a lovely hat to this baby dress for baptism.

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