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Crochet Irish Lace - Tutorial 54

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Crocheted Irish Lace

How to crochet lace with curls in the technique of Irish or guipure lace you will learn by looking at our lesson.

How to Crochet Irish lace

For work you need :

1. Crochet Element from Tutorial 16

2. Round element from tutorial 7

3. Scroll element from tutorial 62

Description of the Composition

You will find a beautiful Irish composition in the video below:

To begin the work make a pattern in real size, then pin it and all elements on a mat. We crochet cords on a burden and make a simple leaf, then sew all elements together in the places contiguity. The free places is filled up with chaotic mesh.

Irish and Hairpin Lace Tunic

Irish and Hairpin Lace Tunic


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