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Freeform Crochet Scrumble Patterns

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Freeform Crochet Scrumble

What is a scrumble? Generally speaking, it is when you just take to yarn and hook and have a go at it. There is no pattern, rhyme, or reason. You do not work back and forth in rows or in rounds. You can change colors wherever you please and create absolutely any shape or design you feel like. You can build off it it in sections, adding stitches of various textures and types to create any shape you want with tons of visual interest. If you have a fear of weaving in ends, it’s time to move past that.

Freeform crochet looks best in tons of colors, so you will have ends.

In this video we used yarn: 10% mohair, 10% wool, 80% acrylic 550 m in 100 gm and crochet hook 2 mm or 2,5 mm.

Crochet Scrumble

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