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How to Make Motif in Freeform - Tutorial 11

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How to Make Motif in Freeform - Tutorial 11

Beautiful crochet motif in freeform technique. In this master class we will describe how to crochet a beautiful two-tone scrumble motif in a freeform crochet.

Contents of the lesson:

In this master class we will describe how to crochet a beautiful two-tone scrumble motif in a freeform crochet. For crocheting by master class you will need:

  • Angora yarn of two colors: 60% acrylic, 40% mohair, the yardage is 500 meters in 100 grams;
  • Hook 2 mm or 2.5 mm;
  • Scissors.

Crochet Motif in Freeform

To illustrate the crocheting of such a beautiful scrumble motif of a freeform, we have prepared a written pattern for doing the work, a training video and photo materials on it. Also in the article are given additional free training videos on crocheting the elements of the freeform for such and similar scrumbles.

Written Pattern

We recommend crocheting this motif for the freform as follows:

  1. 1. Crochet a flat round element. It is going to be a base for a scrumble motif. The round motif is made of double crochet and chains. Look at the photo and in the video 00:15 till 05:14

     round motif is made of double crochet

  2. 2. Then we join other color of yarn and crochet leaf trim on the round element. The leaf trim is made on the first and second round of the flat element. While making trim we are using chains double crochet and single crochet. You can see on the photo and video tutorial 05:14 till 11:00

    The leaf trim

  3. 3. Continue the work from the point where we finished the flat round element. The master don't cut off the first color of yarn. Then crochet bullion block stitches, you can make any amout of stitches. The master did 6 bullion block stitches. In the tutorial 11:14 till 14:45

    crochet bullion block stitches

  4. 4. We move back to the beginning of the row, turn the work and crochet wing element. We use different tall stitches. After completing the wing, make a row single crochet stitches. In the video 14:45 till 17:17
  5. 5. Take first color of yarn, and begin from the point where we finished the bullion block stitches. Then make single crochet stitches after that make bullion block stitches. Make single crochet stitches then cut off the yarn

crochet wings with different colors of yarn

  1. 7. The motif in freeform technique is ready!

If you want, you can supplement the lesson with the additional elements of the freeform. In the lesson we showed the main thing: the principle of crocheting the basis for the motif of the freeform and the methods of crocheting when imposing elements on this base. Elements can be very different.


For this master class we performed a two-tone motif in two variants. See the appearance of these related options on the photo. The two-color frieze motif, associated with the master class, is gray and yellow:

gray and yellow

The motif of the freeform in the master class is pink and yellow:

pink and yellow

You can associate such a motif with one-color or perform it in other colors for your taste.

Video Tutorial

All the techniques for crochet motifs, described in the pattern above, look in the video:

Additional Element For Freeform

In this part you will see how to crochet some elements and stitches for Feeform Technique



Crochet Freeform Scramble Cardigan

Crochet Freeform Scramble Cardigan


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