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Crochet Beaded Bracelet Video Pattern 155

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In our video pattern, you can learn one of the kinds of crochet beaded cord that you can use a bracelet, a belt or as a decoration for Christmas Tree.
For this crocheted bracelet , I used a ball of variegated yarn : 100% Cotton, 169m/50g and Steel Crochet Hook 2.00mm (which is #4 US standard) or 1.5 mm. 2 kinds of beads: round beads: d.-0.6 cm (diameter of the beads), and beads(transparent, large and not outright): d.-0.25-0.35. Before you start the work you should string beads on the yarn. In the video pattern, you will see 2 kinds of bracelet: the first made of round beads, that was made in the video. The second kind of crochet bracelet was made with transparent, large and not outright beads.

Photo for the lesson:

Crochet Beaded Bracelet Video Pattern 155
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