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Crochet Ring Necklace With Seed Beads Tutorial 148

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Crochet Ring Necklace With Seed Beads Tutorial 148

I will be showing you how to crochet ring necklace. We divide our work into some parts: make a ring then master shows you how to crochet a transition from one segment to another one. How to crochet such ring necklace:

  • -Begin the work by making a chain;
  • -pull up the working loop;
  • -take a bead put it on the hook;
  • -take the working yarn pull it through;
  • -make a chain with a bead;
  • -start the first round: make a chain to bring up the yarn;
  • -chain 6 for the chain space.
    Continue working with our video pattern. As you can see this crochet cord you can use as a necklace or a bracelet. In this necklace, I will be using different kinds of beads.
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