How to Make Crochet Necklace Tutorial 153

studio sheru

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This tutorial shows you how to incredibly sparkly necklace in only a few short hours. Make gorgeous crochet bead necklace using just the single crochet stitches. In the video, you can see how I have joined different kinds of beads in the necklace.

You should join another kind of beads the same way as I did in the tutorial. Don't be afraid to experiment you can join different kinds of beads.

Also, you ca add a flower (crochet flowers tutorial 160) to this adorable necklace.

Yarn 100% cotton, 169/50, hook 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm. Beads of three types: elongated - width = 0.8 cm and length = 1.1 cm; Round - d = 0,8 cm; Hearts - height = 0.9 cm; Beads (uneven, coarse, transparent and dyed from within with silver): d = 0,25-0,35 cm.

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