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Crochet I-Cord Tutorial 108

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Crochet I-Cord Tutorial 108

With this detailed crochet video pattern you will learn to crochet I-Cord. Let's make it together:

  • -begin the work by making a chain of 2. This is the foundation;
  • -Then I need to do YOH, but not us we usually do;
  • -Usually I put YO the hook from the back to the front LIKE THIS;
  • -and While crocheting this cord I will be doing YOH from the front to the back LIKE THIS;
  • -hold the yarn on the hook with the finger.

Continue with a master. In this video we use yarn 100% cotton, 169 grammes of 50 meters, the hook 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm.

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