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Crochet Basics Tutorial 40 Part 6 of 7

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Crochet Basics Tutorial 40 Part 6 of 7

Crochet Bullion Block Stitch. In this tutorial we demonstrate the bullion block stitch working around a double crochet post and around two double posts, we repeat yarn over and pull a loop 4 times (you can do more or less). The unique of this kind of bullion block is that to complete the stitch you need to pull through 3 loops on the hook as many times as needed until you have 2 loops on the hook, then yarn over and pull through 2. In this case the bullion block doesn`t have the additional side loop. Thanks! Steel Crochet Hook size 2mm or 2.25mm (#4 or #2 US standards) and yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacrylic, 160m in 50g, 5 ply.

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