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How to Crochet Nonuple Treble Stitch Tutorial 18

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How to Crochet Nonuple Treble Stitch Tutorial 18

In this crochet fundamental tutorial for beginners you will learn how to crochet nonuple treble stitch (or English Decuple treble crochet). To make a nonuple treble crochet stitch you would need to do: yarn over hook 10 times, insert hook from front to back under the V strands at the top of the stitch on previous row, yarn over and draw the yarn through the stitch. Twelve loops remain on hook. Yarn over and pull through 2 loops on the hook 11 times to complete a nonuple treble crochet stitch. How to crochetnonuple treble stitch was made with Steel Crochet Hook size 2mm or 2.25mm (#4 or #2 US standards) and yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacrylic, 160m in 50g, 5 ply. 

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