Joining Crochet Motifs

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of joining crochet motifs.

Yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacrylic, 160m in 50g ( or 330m in 50g), 5 ply and crochet hook Crochet Hook size 2mm or 2.25mm (#4 or #2 US standards).

Learning the different types of joins will give you the skills that you need to finish projects in the way. With this video you will learn one of the ways how to join motifs.

Joining of Lace Squares. In this video tutorial we will teach you join 2 squares together while you are crocheting the final round of the second square.

Learn how to join motifs together. This video tutorial will show you how to join crochet squares with a technique that results in an invisible seam. One of the most common method of joining in crocheting is as-you-go technique.

In this part of the tutorial 27 we will show you how to join motifs together in one-go technique. For joining motifs together in one-go technique you should make 6 motifs.

In this second part we continue to show you the ways how to join hexagons together. My current motif is made in one color. This piece of the work consists of 6 the exact same hexagons joined together in one go technique.

Here you will find detail video tutorial about how to join motif together with a help as you go technique. You can use the technique to join together many types of motifs.

It is very useful tutorial, that provide you how to join crochet hexagons. The hexagons are are joined in the last round of the second motif. Details in the tutorial!

In the second part of crochet instruction we will continue to crochet squares also will see how to join such motifs together. In this case, you will learn how to join in one-go technique.

In this crochet tutorial I will be show you how to join motifs in as-you-go technique. We will be working in join-as-you-go technique to join my two motifs together. You could add a lot of crochet motifs and end up with a blanket too!

In this crochet pattern we will show you how joining round together. And then how to fill up the gapes with an additional crochet motif. Once you have joined all large rounds in one piece, close the opening in between this motifs with an additional crochet.

In this second part of crochet video tutorial 11 i will be showing you how to join our motifs together creating a larger piece of work.This is my little piece of work made of separate crochet round motifs.

In part 2 of this crochet circle motif we will show you how to join crochet mesh circles. In this part we use crochet join-as-you-go technique.

In this tutorial I will be joining square motifs to get this beautiful piece. Following our step-by-step crochet motif video tutorials you will be able to crochet each motif from the very beginning till the end.

In this crochet motif tutorial I will continue working with crochet floral circle motif and show you how to join circle together in order to create something larger.

This joining of motifs should be made while crocheting the last round of stitches by making single crochet stitch into the joining points of other crochet square. This crochet method of joining is invisible joining.

See the way how you can join a hairpin lace strip in half without using a needle and a yarn, work just with a crochet hook.

Learn how to join hairpin lace strips together without using a needle and a yarn.

We demonstrate the two-loop joining method where we take two loops from one strip and two from the other. Also you will see how to complete the join row.