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We've got lots of video patterns for a baby that to inspire you, whether you're looking for blankets, blouses, hats or baby booties. So make a choice and start crocheting for yourself or for your baby now.

Joining of Lace Squares. In this video tutorial we will teach you join 2 squares together while you are crocheting the final round of the second square.

Crochet Motifs. I will be working on this simple crochet square in lace technique. This square lace pattern is good for doily and tablecloth.

Choose your favorite square joining method to join your large square projects. Joining with single crochet stitches is probably the easiest way to connect squares together.

This crochet large square is a square made up into a gorgeous summer blanket in a mix of wonderful neutral tones. The individual motifs are simple to work, but when combined in the beautiful brown, cream, mocha and and camel colors, the finished blanket looks simply stunning.

Find a lot of square motifs in our library. We continue to show you a series the fulfillment of different crochet squares in the video pattern. The video pattern is provided by sheruknitting.

There is a lot of different tutorial of crochet and knitting. In this time I will making this very crochet motif square. This crochet simple motif square has only 5 rounds.

Big choice of crochet video tutorials and video patterns. In the second part of crochet video pattern you can see joining granny squares together to create one larger piece of work.

In crochet video tutorial I will demonstrate fulfillment of this easy to crochet square. The beautiful square is easy to crochet and consists of 6 rounds. Learn to crochet motifs with us!

This video tutorial inspire you for creating a new crochet square flower and you will dip in the crochet world. Happy crocheting!

In this crochet motif tutorial we will show you other kind of crochet squares. Crochet square consist of 4 rounds. Joining this crochet squares you will see in the second part.

Crochet square made of complex stitches and has 5 round. That square can crochet even beginner. This crochet square instructions you can use for blanket, cardigan and blouse.

In part 3 we will show you how to crochet top and shoulders part of crochet vest with bear square motifs.

In second Part of Joining Crochet Squares Tutorial 9 I show you how to join our squares together side to side. In this tutorial, will show you another method of joining crochet squares.

In this crochet motif patterns I will show you how to crochet beautiful square motif and also in next part of this crochet motif pattern you will learn how to join these motifs together and create large piece of work. Beautiful crochet motif consist of only 3 round. This crochet pattern can be crochet even beginner.

In this tutorial I will show you how to join square motifs together. It is easy, fast, almost invisible and secure. You can use these beautiful crochet squares for a dress, for shawl, jacket, also bags and many other projects.

In todays tutorial I will be making this easy to crochet square motif. his tutorial has 2 parts. In part 1 I will show you how to crochet granny square motif.

In this tutorial I will be joining square motifs to get this beautiful piece. Following our step-by-step crochet motif video tutorials you will be able to crochet each motif from the very beginning till the end.

In todays tutorial I will be working on these crochet square motif toddler booties with pompoms. With this tutorial you will learn how to crochet a multicolored square motif and how to use this motif in making shoes for a toddler.

In this crochet video tutorial you will learn how to make a nice square motif that can be used not only for a jacket or a cardigan