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Learn to Crochet Floral Motif Pattern 30

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Crochet Floral Motif

With this crochet video pattern you will learn to crochet floral motif and also you will got to know how to join these motifs to create one piece of work.

  • This crochet floral motif has only 3 rounds.
  • After making the floral motif you are going to learn to join 4 floral motifs together.
  • Also you learn to work in one-go technique.
  • My little swatch consists of 6 the exact same round motifs joined together in one-go technique.

In this video was used yarn: 55% Cotton 45% Polyacryl 160m/50gr. Crochet hook 2,25 mm or 2 mm.

Crochet Floral Motif Video

Red Small Crochet Square Motif Blouse:

Red Small Crochet Square Motif Blouse

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