Crochet Large Square Tutorial 20 Part 1 of 2

studio sheru

How to crochet a large square you will see in this video instruction. Let sart the square motif together:

  • -To begin the motif make a chain of 5;
  • -And join the chain in the round by making a slip stitch into the first chain stitch;
  • -The foundation ring is made now begin the first round;
  • -Chain 3 to bring up the yarn and chain 2 more for the chain space;
  • -Then dc into the foundation ring;
  • -Then chain 2 and dc into the ring;
  • -Repeat chain 2 and dc into the ring;
  • -Here I made 3 double into the ring;
  • -Continue and dc 4 more, in between the doubles and chain 2;
  • -Keep working with our master.

In this video we used yarn :55% Cotton 45% Polyacryl 160m/50gr. Crochet hook 2,25 mm or 2 mm. Continue in part 2.

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