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Crochet Leaf with Trims - Video 39 and Pattern

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Crochet Leaf with Trims

With this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a crochet leaf with trims in an unusual way. In the process making a simple leaf, we just alternate with a row and a row of the trim. In the work are involved front and back loop of the stitch.

In this video we used yarn: 10% Wool, 80% acrylic, 10% mohair, 550 m in 100 gm and crochet hook 2 mm or 2,5 mm.

Crochet Leaf with Trims Video

How to make it (we are using US terms)

  • -begin the work by making a chain of 13;
  • -this is foundation chain;
  • -insert the hook into the second chain stitch away from the hook by making sc;
  • -and make sc into the next chain stitch;
  • -then hdc into the next chain stitch then dc into the next chain stitch;
  • -dc 4 into the next 4 chain stitches;
  • -then dc into the next chain stitch and hdc into the next chain stitch;
  • -continue sc 2 into the next stitches;
  • -We have just made the first row;
  • -and turn the work;
  • -make a chain;
  • -We skip the first stitch of the previous row and make sc into the second stitch;
  • -then sc into the next stitch and hdc;
  • -dc 2 into the next 2 stitches;
  • -then make dc 2 (increase) into the next stitch of the previous row;
  • -dc 3 into the next stitch of the previous row;
  • -turn the work;
  • -chain 3;
  • -we skip the first chain stitch and make sc into of the second chain stitch;
  • -please look I insert the hook into front loop of this stitch by making sc;
  • -make sc into front loop of the next stitch;
  • -Then we are going to work with front loop of each stitch of the previous row.

Continue with our master. In the video, you can see the example how you can use such leaf element with trim. You are able to use this way of trim to create different kinds: small leaf, oval and so on. Also, you can make them leaves together like me, as result I have had nice Guipure Lace or for a decor, you will get masterpiece and enjoy a process.

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