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Crochet String Leaf Video - Tutorial 54 and Pattern

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Crochet String Leaf

Crochet leaf patterns can be used for so many different types of projects. In this video instruction you will learn how to make a simple string leaf with seed beads. 

For demonstration, I made 2 exact leaves of different color of the yarn.

This one made of variegated yarn, and the second leaf made of cotton yarn. I will be using a ball of variegated yarn crochet hook and bead.

The beads are large transparent and not outright: d= 0,25-0,35 cm. In this video we use yarn 100% cotton, 169 grammes of 50 meters, the hook 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm.

Crochet String Leaf Video

Before the work we thread beads on the working yarn.

Begin the work:

  • -a chain of 7;
  • -this is foundation chain;
  • -make a chain more, insert the hook into second chain stitch away from the hook;
  • -and make sc, let count 123456;
  • -then sc 5 more into the next stitches;
  • -and slip stitch into the first chain stitch;
    Continue by the tutorial.
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