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Crochet Lace Tape - Pattern 28 Part 3 of 4

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Crochet Lace Tape

In crochet lace pattern I will learn to crochet a beautiful crochet lace tape. In the third part of this video pattern I will continue working on the second part of a wide crochet lace tape pattern. In this pattern we are crocheting a half of this lace tape working in rows. With this straight side this part will be joined to the second part of the tape that I will be working on a few minutes. Than we will be joining 2 parts of my lace tape while crocheting the second half of it. I remind you that we`ve started this half of the tape with a small motif, worked in 4 rows.

Then we continued with a large motif worked in 6 rows and then to continue the lace tape pattern I made the next 2 motifs: the small one again and the large one. These 2 motifs are the pattern repeat for this first part of the crochet lace tape. Now you can make this part as long as you need by working the pattern repeat over and over.

To continue this project and to have chance to join the second half to create a wide crochet lace tape pattern. You need to stop the work on a large motif, like I do right now. However If you decide to use this part of the tape as an edging for any of your projects, so then it is up to you to complete the lace tape on either small of large motif. To continue crochet with us in part 4 of this video pattern.

Crochet lace tape pattern was made with Steel Crochet Hook 2.00mm (which is #4 US standard) or 1.5 mm and with yarn: 100% Cotton, 169m/50g.  

Crochet Lace Tape Video

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