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Crochet Heart Hat - Tutorial 180

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Crochet Heart Hat

This beautiful double-sided heart hat that warm you in cold winter or spring. It would be a great project to make for Valentine's Day and any other day!

The base of the hat is front post and back post double crochet. This hat is perfect for 54 – 58 centimeters of head circumference. I said in the video before this hat is double sided, you can wear as you like.

For work you need 100-80 gr of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic 390 m in 100g. and a crochet hook of size 3,5 or 3 mm.

Crochet Heart Hat Video

Crochet Heart Hat Photos

It is front side:

Crochet Heart Hat
Crochet Heart Hat front side

 This is back side of the hat:

Crochet Heart Hat - back side
Crochet Heart Hat - back side

We can divide the work on some parts: a brim, heart pattern, straight body part, and a crown.
At the beginning we make a brim then go on to crochet heart pattern.
We start the work from 120 chains , it is 8 rapports of the pattern, a rapport consist of 15 stitches. If you would want to make this hat bigger or smaller, you should add 15 stitches or remove 15  stitches. The foundation chain made of 120 chains, you should make loosely. After a straight body part of the crochet heart hat, we make a crow. You can see crown on the photo:

Crochet Heart Hat front side crown
This is the  front side of the crown.
Crochet Heart Hat back side crown
It is the back side.
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