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Crochet Wave Hat | Tutorial 245

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Crochet Wave Hat

  1. 1. Description of the Wave Hat.
    1. 1.1. Brim of the hat with wave pattern.
    2. 1.2. The Main Wave Pattern.
  2. 2. Crochet Wave Hat Video.
  3. 3. Photos of the Wave Hat.

Warm and cozy crochet wave hat you can learn with us. To crochet this hat, you need 130-150 g of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic. The density of the threads is 240 m in 100 grams. Hook 4,0 - 4,5 mm. The wave hat is suitable for the volume of the head 52-58 cm.

Description of the Wave Hat

Begin the hat from the chain of 80. You should crochet chains loosely then usually. Before the joining the chain we check that it will not be twisted. Then join the chain in the round by working a slip stitch. After that we begin the brim of the hat

The Brim of the hat

The hat consists of 5 rounds:

  • The first round: make double crochet into the each chain stitch of the foundation chain.
  • The second round: alternate with front post and back post double crochet.
  • The third round: back post single crochet, chain 2 to bring up the yarn then front post double crochet around the front post double crochet , back post double crochet around back post double crochet .
  • You should crochet 4 and the fifth round make the same way as we did the third round.

The Main Wave Pattern

  • The main wave pattern consist of 4 rounds.
  • We alternate with double crochet twice and just double crochet in the first round.
  • We begin the second round from the back post single crochet, chain 2 to bring up the yarn, back post double crochet, 4 front post double crochet, 2 back post double crochet stitches, 4 front post double crochet stitches.
  • The repport of pattern is 12 stitches, this hat has 10 repports.
  • Round 3 begins from back post single crochet, chain 2 to bring up the yarn then we make cable stitch pattern or a wave, it is made of triple treble crochet stitches.
  • The next round you should crochet as third and the fourth rounds. Here how pattern looks like:

    Here how pattern looks like

  • After we have made the straight part with main pattern, we begin to crochet the crown of the hat.

Step by step video tutorial

In this part you will see how to crochet warm hat with wave pattern. Also a master shows you how to make a crown for such hat. To finish the hat make reverse single crochet trim around foundation chain.

Photos of the Wave Hat

The crown of the wave hat:

The crown of the wave hat

The straight part with wave pattern:

The straight part with wave pattern

The reverse side of the hat:

The reverse side of the hat

In height, the knitted cap of this size is 21 cm. In width, taking into account the elastic gum, the head girth is from 52 to 58 cm.

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