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Crocheted Hat

Crochet Hat Description

The lesson is devoted to crocheting a beautiful and interesting hat with a volumetric pattern. The hat is made on the basis of convex and concave columns. For the hat you need 130-150 g of yarn 49% wool, 51% acrylic, 240 m in 100 g. Hook 4,0 or 4,5 mm. The product is suitable for head size 52-54 cm.

The hat is crocheted from the bottom to up. Begin the execution of the hat with elastic : we are alternating with front and back posts single crochet. Then we proceed to untying the main pattern, which is made of volumetric elements in the form of fantasy leaves. Then proceed to the crown. The hat can be decorated with a ready-made pompon or you can make a bubo from the same yarn.

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