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Crochet Leaf Stitch Beanie Hat - Tutorial 157

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Crocheted Leaf Stitch Beanie Hat

In this crochet tutorial you will know how to crochet beanie hat with 3D big leaf and small one. This beanie hat consist of 2 parts: a body part, and a brim.

How to Crochet Leaf Stitch Beanie Hat

At the beginning I'm going to work with brim then continue with body part of the hat.

The main pattern of the body part is back post and front post double crochet from the tutorial 35 and 36 for beginners. 3D leaves that making in process of each round of the beanie hat and finishing the fashionable beanie by sewing Pompom to the crown. If you want to make the cap bigger, you need to add 11 chains in the foundation chain (a multiple of 11), if you want to do hat smaller, you need to remove 11 or 22 chains accordingly. You should make foundation chain loosely. it is stretchy and can fit perfectly for 50-52 centimeters of head circumference.

Crochet Leaf Stitch Beanie Hat Video

I remind you we made the hat with exact 3D leave in tutorial 153 and Tutorial 146:

Crocheted Beanie Hat
Crocheted Beanie Hat

Watch Video Tutorial

How to Crochet Beanie Hat
How to Crochet Beanie Hat

Watch Video Tutorial

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