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How to Crochet Simple Scarf 173

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Crocheted Simple Scarf

1. Crochetting Description Simple Scarf

2. Crochet Simple Scarf Video

Crochetting Description Simple Scarf

In this tutorial, we crochet a scarf. Warm, cozy and at the same time a fairly simple scarf learn to crochet with us. The volumetric pattern used in the scarf is well known, and we suggest looking at it in a new way. A simple strapping made of chains of a will complement the gentle scarf. To crochet such a scarf will require an angora yarn: 40% mohair, 60% acrylic, an area of 500 meters in 100 grams. Hook 2 - 3 mm. Here how it looks

Crochet Simple Scarf Video

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