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Simple lace crochet element you will see in this video pattern.

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ith this detailed crochet video tutorial you will learn how to crochet a beautiful motif which is often used in Freeform Crochet.

This video shows you a great and super easy way to make a cute little three color pompom with no additional tools needed.

This video tutorial shows you easy steps how to make a mini pompom.

This fluffy pompom will be a great embellishing for your crochet and knit projects.

This easy to make Pom-pom method requires two cardboard rings for pom-poms.

In this tutorial you will see how fast and easy make a plain two color yarn pompom using an adjustable hairpin loom.

In this video we demonstrate how to crochet a wing of 5 segments working in back and front loops of stitches.

Learn how to crochet this beautiful 3D wing working into back and front loops of stitches. This video demonstrates a wing with 5 segments.

In this tutorial we continue to crochet the big snowflake ornament making a beautiful elements of chain stitches and picots. In the center of this crochet snowflake ornament we have a beautiful crochet folded petal flower that we made in part one the same tutorial.

In this part we crochet the center for the snowflake. This flower is complete element and can be used as a decoration as it is. In our case it becomes a center for the snowflake.

In this tutorial we continue to crochet the big snowflake working the last round of stitches. This is a great idea for the home decoration. Make this beautiful snowflake for your winter holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of You!

Make this beautiful snowflake as a decoration for your winter holidays. This flower you can use as a separate element.

In this tutorial we show you the other way how you can crochet a puffy little round element.

In this tutorial you will see how to crochet little round element. This element is often used in Freeform Technique, Ireland Lace projects, Guipure Lace projects, Romanian Lace projects.

In this tutorial we continue crochet a big flat snowflake that we started in part one.

This motif is a real touch of the winter. Make a beautiful craft project following any of our free video tutorials. This beautiful crochet snowflake pattern will be a great decoration for your home.

Crochet this beautiful snowflake following our detailed video tutorial. Only two rounds of work and the snowflake ornament for your Christmas tree is ready!