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Crochet Element Tutorial 49

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Crocheted Element

Beautiful and delicate elements, very similar to the fantasy flower buds.

One such element can form the basis for an earring, pendant or barrette. You can also use such flowers in compositions, in various crochet techniques or simply for decorating a crocheted product.

To create the elements you will need yarn 100% cotton,169 meters in 50 grams. Hook 1.5 mm or 2 mm. Beads d = 0,25-0,35 cm, uneven and coarse - 10-20 g. Round beads d = 0,75-0,80 cm. Before starting work, thread the beads on a working yarn. Beads get involved in the process of work.

Buds crochet quite simply, and we recommend the performance of such an element for crocheters with different levels of knowledge and skills.

Fantasy flower buds
Fantasy flower buds


Small and big crochet elements
Small and big crochet elements
Crocheted Element view 2
Crocheted Element view 2
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