Crochet Free Elements and Projects

Big choice of variety of crochet free elements. With this crochet instructions you learn to crochet butterflies, snowflakes and other elements in different techniques. You will learn to creat new projects. Crochet free elements are used both in daily life and in holidays. Page 1 of 7

Crochet  Free Elements and Projects Playlist is a large, interesting and diverse topic in which we present different (large and small, simple and difficult, 3D and flat) crochet free projects such us: crochet snowflakes and butterflies, crochet animals and birds, crochet granny squares and other crochet elements of different shapes, crochet curls, unusual and exquisite crochet motifs.

All of these crochet free projects will be a part of large projects made in Guipur Lace and Irish Lace technique, applique etc.

Also, some of the elements we will use in Freeform technique and in making scramblings. Using some crochet free elements and motifs we will create big projects in Patchwork.

Enjoy and work with us!