Crochet Trim Petal Flower Tutorial 135

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In this video tutorial you will know how to crochet an gorgeous trim petal flower. Begin the work from crochet this puffy little round element in tutorial 7 of the crochet elements and projects then we make mesh that we fix petals to. In this tutorial, a master show you flower with a layer of the petals and flower with double layer of the petals. In this case, petals are trims that give a flower bigger volume.
Lets make the first round of the this flower:

  • -Begin making our flower from the round element;
  • -The last round of the round element should consist of sc 18;
  • -Lets start round 1;
  • -chain to bring up the yarn;
  • -chain 3 for the chain space;
  • -insert the hook into the next stitch by making a sc;
  • -chain 3 for the chain space and sc into the next stitch;
  • -repeat chain 3 for the chain space and sc into the next stitch;
  • -chain 3and sc into each stitch;
  • -In total, it should be 18 chain spaces;
  • -keep this way till the end of the round.

In this video we used yarn: 60% acrylic 40% mohair, 500 m in 100 gm and crochet hook 2 mm or 2,5 mm. Thanks for watching!

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