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Crochet 12- Petal Flower - Tutorial 143

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Crocheted 12- Petal Flower

In the tutorial you will learn how to make a crochet 12-petal flower with edged petals in the last row and volumetric center part.

Video tutorial

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Crochet Flower Description

Such lessons will be useful for beginner crocheters and masters of various crochet techniques. This beautiful crochet flower can be made in different variations by modifying the last row.

We begin crocheting our flower in rounds with the volumetric center.

Beginning the flower

The middle part of the flower is made of the flat base and small crochet element (petals) that are visible only on the front and made of chain spaces and half double crochet stitches.

Flat base

Curl Petals

Back side of the flower

Once the center is ready several rounds of long curly petals should be created.

The ready center

To make the last round of petals straight we worked a round of slip stitch trimming. With the trimming the flower became larger and have the whole different look.

The ready center

Also In the tutorial you can see two ways how you can complete the flower. The last row of this flower you can make of folded petals or of straight edgy once (like here on my second sample).

The first way

The second way

For this crochet flower we used a ball of Multicolor Space Dyed Yarn: 55% cotton 45% polyacryl, 160m in 50g.; and a crochet hook sized 2.25 mm or 2 mm.

Crochet Pattern Based on Video Tutorial - How to Crochet 12-Petal Flower

Hi everyone. In this tutorial we will be making a 12-petal flower with a volumetric center part.
The interesting thing is that the center part of this particular flower can be used separately. You can use it as a complete separate element for decoration, as a part of your Irish crochet projects, or even as a button.
Also I will show you two ways how you can complete the flower. The last row of this flower you can make of folded petals or of straight edgy once (like here on my second sample).
For work I have chosen Multicolor Space Dyed Yarn and, of course, I will be needing a crochet hook.
Begin the work by making a chain of 4, and join the chain in the round by making a slip stitch into the first chain stitch. The foundation ring is ready.
Begin the 1-st round: chain 1 to bring up the yarn, sc 6 into the ring, to complete the first round skip the chain stitch we made on the beginning of this round and slip into the back loop of the first sc. The 1st round is done.

The 2-nd round is a round of sc stitches as well: chain 1 to bring up the yarn, insert the hook into the same back look of the first sc stitch of previous round (that we've just made a slip stitch into) and sc 2.
Continue sc 2 into the back loop of the next stitch, continue the same – sc 2 into the back loop of each stitch on previous round. 12 12… So I have made 12 sc stitches
Now to complete the 2nd round skip the chain stitch we made on the beginning of this round and slip into the first sc, work inserting the hook into 2 loops of the stitch. The 2-nd round is done.

Start round 3: chain 1 to bring up the yarn, and sc into the same sc of previous round. Continue and sc 2 into each stitch next stitch of previous round. I remind you that this time I am crocheting into 2 loops of each stitch. Continue in this way till the end of the round…

Once you made 2 sc stitches into the last sc of previous round, to complete the round 3 skip the chain stitch we made to start the round and slip into the first sc. The 3-rd round is ready.

Let’s start round 4, where I will be making the petals of the central part: chain 1 to bring up the yarn, sc into the same stitch of previous round, then chain 5 for the chain space, and now I will secure this chain space into the free loops we have left on THIS first round, I will work into the first free loop.
Before we start let’s see, on the first round there should be 6 free front loops 123456, here also we have 1 visible loop but just ignore it, we won't be working into this loop at all. For work we need just free front loops of the first round – again here they are 123456

I will start with the first one, the closest one, to secure the chain space insert the hook from the top to the bottom into this loop, turn the work for your convenience and sc through. The first chain space is ready - this is the foundation for the first petal.

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0 # Soffity34 2018-04-26 06:00
Goodness me, your work is so unique and beautiful. I’m thrilled I joined for a year, I’ve gotten ten years enjoyment out of it already. Im still having trouble seeing where your putting the hook in your cord tutorials but have no trouble with the others. This is the best site and I’ve recommended you to many of my friends, thanks from rural Australian.
0 # Soffity34 2018-04-26 06:01
Can you tell me where you get your beads, all the ones I find have holes far to small for a crochet hooks
0 # adminsheru 2018-04-28 05:46
We buy beads in shops for needlework. Thanks for the tip and success in knitting!

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