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Crochet Snowflake Flower Tutorial 164

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Crocheted Snowflake Flower

In this video tutorial I will show you beautiful flower snowflake. It is made 2 sizes of beads and seed beads. It looks like snowflake in this color. How to crochet a smart and simple snowflake flower with voluminous petals you will learn from our lesson. When performing a snowflake, we used beads round and elongated, and beads.

Before thework, thread the beads on the working yarn. Beads get involved in the process of work.

To crochet the flower, we used: 100% cotton yarn, a meter of 169 meters in 50 grams, a hook of 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm, beads: elongated width = 0.8 cm and length = 1.1 cm, round d = 0 , 8 cm, beads (uneven, coarse, transparent and dyed from within with silver): d = 0,25-0,35 cm.

Small and voluminous petals knit above the posts, in the form of trims. In white or blue, such a snowflake will decorate your Christmas Tree or a house. And in pink or other color, this element is more look like a flower and is perfect for decorating any knitted and crocheted product.

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