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How to Make a Crochet Flower Tutorial 187

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I'm going to work with this cute simple crochet 9-petal flower. For demonstration, I made an exact flower in blue colours. How to make a crochet flower:

  • -Begin the work by making a chain of 6;
  • -And join the chain in the round with a slip stitch into the first chain stitch;
  • -the ring is ready;
  • -now begin the first round by making 3 chains to bring up the yarn;
  • -and 17 double crochet into the ring;
  • -continue working till you will get 17 double crochet;

Continue crocheting with our video tutorial. Here how it looks in blue colour:

Crochet flower blue - photo

Crocheted simple Flower photo 1
Crocheted simple Flower photo 1
Crocheted simple Flower photo 2
Crocheted simple Flower photo 2

Photo for the lesson:

Crocheted simple Flower Crocheted simple Flower
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