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How to Crochet Simple Flower Tutorial 160

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How to Crochet Simple Flower Tutorial 160

How to crochet simple flower with 2 sizes of beads you will see in this crochet video instruction. This crochet simple beaded flower consist of 2 rounds. The first round of the crochet simple flower is a round of beaded half double crochet and we are crocheting petals in the second round. It can be perfect an embellishment for wedding dress, or you can incorporate the crocheted flower arrangements into your new-home decor. To crochet the flower, we were used: 100% cotton yarn, a meter of 169 meters in 50 grams, a hook of 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm, beads: elongated width = 0.8 cm and length = 1.1 cm, round bead d = 0 , 8 cm, seed beads (uneven, coarse, transparent and dyed from within with silver): d = 0,25-0,35 cm.

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