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How to Crochet Baby Shoes Sole - Tutorial 54 Part 1 of 3

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Crochet Baby Shoes Sole

In this crochet clothes video tutorial we will show you how to crochet baby shoes sole. How to crochet baby shoes sole tutorial consist of 3 parts.

In first part of this crochet baby shoes sole tutorial we will begin the work with the sole.

The crochet sole has only 5 rounds. In the second part of tutorial 54 I will continue working on this beautiful crochet baby cable stitch buckle shoes.

How to crochet baby shoes sole shoes  was made of 51% Acrylic, 49% Wool, 100 grams (3.53 ounces)/ 262 yards (240 meters), 10 ply. Crochet Hook 3 mm, 3,5 mm, 4 mm (US 6).

Crochet Baby Shoes Sole Video

Crochet Baby Shoes Crochet Baby Shoes Part 2

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