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Crochet Baby Mesh Shoes with Beads - Tutorial 232

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Crochet Baby Mesh Shoes with Beads

  1. 1. How to make crochet mesh baby shoes
    1. 1.1. Crochet Video Tutorial
    2. 1.2. Pictures of Baby Shoes
  2. 2. How to Crochet Flowers for Baby Shoes

In this article we will tell and show how to crochet smart and beautiful booties with beads.

1. How to make crochet mesh baby shoes

Boots will fit a child with a leg 8.5-9.5 cm. For shoes, we used 2 colors: 100% cotton yarn, a meter of 169 meters in 50 grams, a hook of 1.3 mm or 2.0 mm. Beads (uneven, large, transparent and dyed from within with silver): d = 0,25-0,35 cm - 10-20 g.

Before the work we thread seed beads onto the working yarn. Our work we divide on some parts: start from the sole and continue with upper part that made of seed beads.

Begin the work from the chain then we continue with different tall stitches. After finishing the sole by working reverse single crochet. Then we crochet the upper part of the shoe.

1.1. Crochet Mesh Baby Shoes Video Tutorial

In this video you will see step by step video instruction how to crochet mesh baby shoes:


1.2. Pictures of Baby Shoes

The Sole:

The sole of the foot

The trim with beads:

The trim with beads

The ready shoe:

The ready shoe

The shoes were decorated with flower. If you like to crochet check out these gorgeous flowers you can made to embellish just about anything.

Booties with flower 189:

Booties with flower 189

Booties with flower 179:

Booties with flower 179

Booties with flower 160:

Booties with flower 160

In the photo above, we showed several options for decorating flowers already connected by crochet pinets. And how to crochet such flowers? Choose any flower option for the decoration that you like best, and associate it with one of our video tutorials.

2. How to Crochet Flowers for Baby Shoes

Video crochet flower with beads for decoration booties.

Crochet Flower 160 Video:

How to Crochet Flower 189 Video:

Crocheted Flower 179 Video:

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