Crochet - a hobby, needlework with a deep history. The first mention of crochet was generally found in ancient Egypt, but certainly, the story of crocheting is even more profound. Over the years, crocheting has been enriched with ideas and tools.
Now there are several directions in crocheting- Hairpin Lace, machine crocheting. Crochet is the most accessible area. Many women starts with the hook. Who didn't crochet dollies in the childhood? Some stop on the crochet and they have this hobby the entire life and at the old age, they gratify their grandchildren with warm booties, caps, and vests. It's classic. It is warm and cozy. Crochet is not just a hobby. For some people, crochet is the work that feeds. In this category, we publish for you free crochet scheme daily. These are free crochet video patterns, our masters’ individual projects and crochet tutorials for beginners.