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You will never have too much crochet and knitted socks or slippers in your wardrobe. Nowadays, these accessories are very popular and as they are worn by ladies and men of all ages. There are a lot of different crochet and knitting patterns and designs created. Such a simple thing as a pair of crochet or knitted socks is necessary for everyone: girls, women, men and boys, there are several reasons for its popularity and interest such as:

  • - crochet or knitted socks are the indispensable accessory for any season, and we are in need of them especially in cold weather;
  • - crochet and knitted socks or slipper suitable for any style clothes: sporty, classic, elegant, etc.
  • - handmade socks or slippers can be worn with any type of winter, summer and demi-season shoes outside as well as with flip-flops at home;
  • - a wide range of design solutions and colors allows you to easily select these accessories for any outfit.

The modern fashion offers huge ideas of crochet and knitted sock patterns: smart, warm, openwork, lacy, decorated with elegant ruffles, ribbons, cords, buttons and even sequins; simple and classic, bright and glamorous, made of mesh or very heavy tight pattern… You will find ideas for every taste!

Crochet and Knitted Socks for everyday.
Crochet and Knitted Socks:
All video tutorials on the theme of crochet socks here...

All video tutorials on the theme of knitting socks here...

On our website SHERUKNITTING.COM there are a lot of detailed, bright and high-quality tutorial are presented. With these easy to follow video tutorials, you will learn how to crochet or knit socks, slippers, stockings and gaiters by using all various techniques in crochet and knitting. You will find the video tutorial of fashionable and stylish handmade socks, slippers, golf and gaiters of various styles, where we combined interesting motives and patterns, simple and complex stitches and apply many different decorating elements.

In our master-classes several methods of how to create slippers and socks presented. Most of the models are seamless socks made by using two knitting needles, which gives you the possibility to enjoy the knitting process with no extra effort and at the same time obtain an excellent result.

All our designs of knitted socks and slippers can be made by a beginner knitter or by an experienced master.  The work itself, the methods of knitting of each model, can be either from the heel to the top or vice versa - from the top to the heel. In each model, if desired, you can change the size, and in our tutorials, we will show you how. Each knitting pattern is unique, but at the same time, it is simple to work with.

Start to crochet today, enjoy with us and share your magnificent results with your friends and family.




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