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The knitted garments topic was the Cinderella of the world of the high fashion for a long time, and nowadays almost all fashion houses include in their collections products made of knitted materials. Our fashion studio, “Sheru”, has been working for 20 years in this direction. “Hand knitted garments” is one of the oldest kinds of decorative, applied art, whose history spans more than 3000 years. Nowadays, in the knitted collections from our designers (such as “White Collection”, “Geometry”, “Flowers”, “Black & White”, etc...) both simple & chic, plain & stylish, vanguard & classic go together splendidly, which allows elegant…

You will see that crochet and knitted clothes are created to impress and make the best of every day no matter what it has in store. With our fashion ideas and designs, you can find what you've been looking for. Browse the wide selection of style pieces, and unearth for you a world of trendy crochet and knitted treasures.