"Recipes" of Healing Knitting

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Scientists have found a team of designers and fashion studio «Sheru» who join in support that practising certain types of work contributes to the restoration and strengthening of health and one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to combat disease is knitting. You may not have ever heard of such a means of occupational therapy, but this method of healing even has a special medical name called Knitting Needles therapy. It is employed in such terrible diseases as hypertension and heart disease associated with rhythmic disturbances, neurological disorders, depression and headaches. Knitting Needles therapy improves the patient's mood in atherosclerosis, liver disease and kidney disease and metabolic disorders.

One should not forget too that at the end of the series of treatments, they will find a nice bonus of exclusive handiwork for themselves or their loved ones, who, wearing one of these gifts, will certainly feel the warmth of their hands.

Upon finding the amazing phenomenon of health effects on the body from knitting with bobbins, forks and other craft tools, scientists have investigated in more detail each of these step by step.
Every day we are exposed to stress and feel a tension, resulting in a deteriorating ability to work. We have irritability that we often dump on their nearest and dearest people. In addition to this, nerve problems can cause hypertension and disturbances in the cardiovascular system leading to heart attack, stroke and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors have come to the unanimous conclusion that needlework, the perfect solution for men and women, without negative side effects and normalize the nervous system, helps people to calm down and relax after a hard day. The logical explanation for this is that knitting and crocheting require rhythmic, measured hand movements that do not require a lot of effort. As well as being quiet and creative work, the process of knitting not only helps people to "switch off" from their work problems but also promotes a good mood. Your loved ones will notice it!

Scientists have proven that knitting and crocheting have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system and digestive organs. It relieves a headache and toothache, alleviates depression and mitigates severe nervous shock. Crocheting also develops the wrists and eases the pain in them, especially pain due to old injuries. This improves the mood of people with atherosclerosis, headaches, or liver and kidneys problems. If you do bobbin lace, you can relieve a headache and toothache and reduce ringing in the ears. This type of craft also helps reduce inflammation in the intestines and urinary system tones the body and even prevents premature ageing in women. Beading, according to doctors is a great tool for chronic respiratory diseases, headaches and dental pain, metabolic disorders and convulsions. If your peace of mind is disturbed, doctors advise doing embroidery. Thus, we can effectively decorate any ready knitting (knitted fabric with easy embroidery) and remove nerve strain and inflammation in joints and ligaments.

During this treatment, it is important that one does not forget to still enjoy this fascinating kind of art. One should not be in a hurry as this is not a regular report for the boss, but a pleasant and useful pastime, leisure and rest. You can do any number Knitting Needles therapies anytime. If you are new to this, start with knitting the simplest things such as a scarf or vest. If you have a lot of experience and knowledge, feel free to start with a more complex design with a more intricate pattern. However, in whatever you choose (an original scarf, an exquisite dress, or a cozy sweater), be sure your handmade masterpiece is unique so that in all stuff you see on the street, you won't find even one like it! With a growth of your skill and the visual results of your work, you'll be happy to devote more time to Knitting Needles therapy. Good assistants and friends for you in this business will be the job of our designers, from whom you will find many beautiful and spectacular "recipes."




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