Crochet with Seed Beads and Beads

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Seed Beads, glass beads, acrylic beads - are wonderful material to work with as they bring completely different look to any simple design! There are a lot of kinds of beads, that are widely used in crocheting. If you'd like to crochet a project with beads, you'll find a plenty of beautiful patterns to choose from in our web site.

Samples of crochet with beads and with seed  beads
Samples of crochet with beads and with seed beads

Beads can be various types in size and shape: round, cuboid, tube, oval, flat, round, in a shape of a cube, a leaf, a heart, a drop, an apple, etc. They are highly popular among the fashion designers, artists and bead fans alike.

Types of Beads
Types of Beads

Adding beads to the stitches while working make the whole piece alive: it makes it shiny, eye-catching and super elegant. Huge variety of beads are used in the different crochet techniques and can be added to the work at any time. It is fascinating to work with beads as they are just like pixies waiting to be transformed into wonderful decoration or clothes to light up your creation.

We are pleased to teach you how to crochet with small and large beads. Our passion for making beautiful, high-quality crochet projects with different kinds of beads will be passed down to you! Get fresh ideas from our tutorials and they will definitely bring fun to your work and beauty to your design.

Video tutorials crochet with beads

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Haven`t you tried to add beads to one of your crochet projects before? If not, we encourage you to give it a try! Do not hesitate! Begin to crochet with beads today with us! We have a wide range of projects to choose from. Get fresh ideas from our tutorials and they will definitely make you dive in this type of crochet for a long time.
Check The Best Bead Crochet Patterns and Ideas on our web site.


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