Freeform Crochet Technique

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Freeform Technique - one of the most interesting and unpredictable techniques in knitting and crochet. By working in freeform crochet and knitting technique you can express all your imagination, as well as knowledge, experience and skills in crocheting and knitting. The name of the technique itself tells that you are free in improvisation, do not limit yourself with crochet or knitting rules and standards: either it is the direction of work or the material you are using and combining. In Freeform technique, everything is possible as soon as you see the final result.

Freform crochet ideas
Freform crochet ideas

The Freeform technique allows you to combine various elements and motifs made separately in any other techniques, like: simple crochet and knitting motives, pieces made in hairpin lace crochet technique and on the loom, macramé, as well as elements in the technique of felting (wet or dry). All motives can be connected by regular crochet or knitting stitches while working the rows. Different kinds of ready-made (factory made) laces and ribbons, fur, elements of fabric and leather, beads and buttons (lesson 5), different shaped shell all these and many more materials can be used in Freeform as well.

In the Freeform technique, the yarn not only of all colors and shades can be used, but also the yarn of different textures. The main and inalienable difference of the piece made in Freeform is its three-dimensionality, unusual relief and amazing texture. Masters divide the Freeform technique into several directions: voluminous freeform, openwork freeform, irregular knitting or crocheting, with intarsia elements - mixing or combining various knitting or crochet techniques and using different yarns in one project.

In Freeform technique any project begins with one of the elements. It can be an absolutely any element like a floral motive, a leaf, a berry (Watch Free Video Tutorial), spiral element, etc. Once the first motive or element is ready we can add other elements by attaching them together with block stitches, front post and back post stitches, popcorn stitches, relief stitches, different complex stiches, spirals, ruches, reverse stitches, and by using various crochet and knitting elements (you can see some examples following the link:

Freefom motive calls a scramble. You can learn how to crochet and create a scramble for your project by watching our detailed video tutorials 2,3,4,5,6,7,9.

Freeform crochet learn
Freeform crochet learn


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Actually, freeform scramble is already a finished motive and can be widely used as an embellishment. Also, you can create a larger piece of work by gathering several separately made scrambles together. For joining scrambles, you can use a crochet hook or and a needle and simply saw them together. During the joining process, you need to pay attention on the tension of the whole piece of work and make sure that it is not wrinkled. All projects made in Freeform technique are unique and incredibly beautiful.

Since the projects in freeform technique are quite dense and "heavy", they are great for creating:

  • - an elegant beret
  • - a bright vest
  • - a smart cardigan


Also in this technique, you can made a bag, a wall decor, an ornament, a toy or a pillow.

If you do not feel very confident working in this technique, we recommend to start with a small piece, insert, application, or finishing.

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