Crocheted Flowers

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Flowers is one of the biggest, the brightest and the most fascinating themes in crocheting. Once one flower is created you cannot stop from starting the next one right away, and the wish to crochet more and more will never leave you. It is like you cannot deny the pleasure that ready-made small masterpieces bring you.
Today we will talk about the crocheted flowers.

Crocheted Flowers

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We will divide the article into three parts and in each part will review a certain topic. In the first part of our review, we will get acquainted with all the variety of crocheted flowers. The second part of the article will be dedicated to yarn and additional materials that can be used in the process of creating flowers. And in the third part - we will take a look at the different ways where and how the ready crocheted flowers can be used.

All crocheted flowers can be divided into volumetric and flat, large and small made in different styles by using all possible crochet techniques. I think we do not need to explain in detail how the three-dimensional flowers differ from simple flat once, and large flowers from small ones. (Simple small flowers are presented in tutorials 25, 26, 27, 28, 1, 81, 83 and they are perfect for beginners). We would like to stop and in details go through the main directions and techniques of crocheting a flower. All flowers are divided into several groups:

1. Flowers made in rounds. Also, flower crocheted in rounds where each petal made in rows one by one while crocheting a round. Such projects you will find on tutorials: 61, 62, 4, 34, 40, 48, 52, 95, 155, 154.
2. Flowers motifs that are worked in a ribbon, cord or braid. Such kind of crocheted tapes can be made simply by working in rows or with a use of hairpin lace crochet fork. Such patterns you will find in the subject "Tapes, cords, braids", tutorials 117,118.
3. Crocheted Bourdon Flowers. In many cases, as a bourbon can be used the main thread folded several times as well as any textured thread or finished cord. Such flowers are mostly used in creating The Irish Crochet Lace.
4. Flowers in which the work direction is changing. These are flowers that are made in rows and without the constant direction of crocheting - as in The Freeform technique. You will find such flowers in the topic "Freeform", tutorials 4, 7.
5. Crocheted flowers which petals are made separately and then sewed together. The petals can have either the same shape or each petal can be completely different.
6. Flowers made of crocheted square or round motifs. These motifs are created separately and then gathered into one flower.
7. Multi-layered Flowers. Each layer of petals is made separately, and then all the layers are sewed together. The petals can be of the same shape or different and can be made of one yarn or of different colored and textured yarns. You will find such flower projects in tutorials 74, 10.
8. Flowers created on some base (like cloth, ready-made crocheted piece, for example) and made in the form of layers. The base can have completely different shape and the flower depends on it. The base can be round or square, dense or openwork, made of simple or complex stitches, etc. A variety of such flowers are shown in tutorials 148, 127, 132, 128, 59, 54, 55, 56, 57, 43, 30, 9, 16, 7, 5, and much more.

Usage of different types of yarn, textures and different materials makes the process of crocheting flowers fun, easy, enjoyable and creative, and the results are always not predictable. Let's move on to the second part of this article and talk about yarn and additional materials that can be used to create crocheted flowers. Speaking of yarn, you can use absolutely any of the yarn types: cotton, viscose, angora yarn, wool and mixed yarn as well. The thread can be thick or thin, textured and smooth, sectional dyed and monophonic. It all depends on which result you would like to achieve and what flower you desire to create eventually. For example, angora yarn flowers you can find in tutorials: 149, 142, 144, 141, 140, 138, 135, 136, 137. Cotton sectional dyed yarn flowers - in tutorials 145, 148. And crocheted flowers made of viscose or silk yarn are presented in tutorial 147.
Surprisingly bright and elegant flowers are coming up if you add to your work beads or buttons of various shapes. You will find such a unique flower examples in tutorials: 163, 160, 162, 161, 158, 156, 157 and also 153, 152, 151, 131, 120, 121, 126, 103.
The technology of Sequins Crochet is also very unique and remains as a separate huge topic in our tutorials. This technology is developed and patented more than 10 years ago by Elena Rugal.
Flowers in this technique are brought to the next level of decoration. You will find many ideas in the "Sequence knitting and crocheting" topic section.
Flowers are becoming interesting and unusual if they made by using crocheted ready-made cords, ribbons or braid. Some examples of creating and using such flowers can be found in tutorial "Girls dress in Irish crochet technique, master-class 131".

Now we have gradually moved to the third part of our article where we will answer the question where and how you can use crocheted flowers. Of course, the simplest thing that comes to our mind is to use crocheted flowers as a decoration or a three-dimensional application on pieces of women's and children's clothing. The next way - is to use crocheted flowers as jewelry: brooches, pendants, buttons, necklaces, bracelets for legs, hair pins and hair clips, belts etc. The next direction of using the crocheted flowers is the manufacture of items for home decor. Here you can enumerate ideas endlessly, starting with napkins and tablecloths and ending with fun cozy accessories for the home, such as a lamp shade or a crocheted cover for a kettle, etc. And the biggest, in my opinion, theme or direction is the creation of clothes in various techniques were crocheted flowers play a key role as a decoration. For example, small and flat flowers are often used in crochet lace and they are the main element of the beautiful and delicate structure of the piece of work. In "Irish Lace" topic, tutorial 5 you will see a piece of work made in Irish lace technique with the use of flowers from tutorial 28.

Crochet 3D Flower Tutorial 5

Crochet 3D Flower Tutorial 5


Most of the patterns made in The Irish or Guipure lace crochet technique are created with different flowers (You can see this by looking through our "Irish lace" theme). Many handmade pieces in The Freeform technique have flowers as well. The items are either made entirely from such pieces or only inserts of various shapes are used.

As a conclusion we would like to add that for everyone there is her own perfect lovely flower, we do not impose our point of view but only offering a huge assortment of different crocheted flowers. Our detailed master classes will help you to create your own masterpiece, and clear step-by-step description of difficult moments will simplify the creative process. Of course, there are hundreds or even thousands possible variants of crocheting flowers and we are covering all possible directions in our tutorials. We are waiting for all crochet lovers – lovers of beauty in our website SHERUKNITTING.COM.

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