Crochet and knitting techniques and directions

In this section, we would like to provide you with a lot of information about different crochet and knitting techniques and directions in which we are working.

Using 3D Crochet

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You'll be able to work up new crochet designs in no time as long as you learn how to make and perform three-dimension crochet stitches. We are offering many designs of crocheted flowers, leaves, cords, crochet jewelries, baby booties, hats and other projects which take an important place in creating and finalizing any other larger projects and bringing the final touch to the finish look of your masterpiece. We believe that our crochet ideas and designs are exactly what you are looking for! Each 3D crochet pattern is unique, looks wonderful and, what is the most important, it looks alive.…

Crocheted Flowers

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Flowers is one of the biggest, the brightest and the most fascinating themes in crocheting. Once one flower is created you cannot stop from starting the next one right away, and the wish to crochet more and more will never leave you. It is like you cannot deny the pleasure that ready-made small masterpieces bring you.Today we will talk about the crocheted flowers. All video tutorials on the theme of crochet flowers: We will divide the article into three parts and in each part will review a certain topic. In the first part of our review, we will get acquainted…

The basic techniques and directions can be used to create fashion clothing and accessories for men, women, children, babies. So start learning something new interesting and useful now.