Romanian Point Lace

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of romanian point lace.

Brides (bars) are the narrow connections between the motifs of a lace. They are made in various ways depending on the lace technique.

Brides (bars) are the narrow connections between the motifs or cords of a lace. This common filling stitch is one of the basic stitches in Romanian point lace,

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make the simple buttonhole stitch bar / bridge.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make regular buttonhole stitch bar / bridge with a loop picot.

In this tutorials you will see 5 method is made bridge. There are many bar or bridges that are used for filling up the spaces between the motifs in lace work, the Buttonhole stitch bridge is one of them that you can choose for some parts of your lace.

Learn how to do buttonhole stitch bar/bridge with arch picot. The picot, the same as the bridge, is made of regular buttonhole stitches.

This video tutorial demonstrated how to do double sided buttonhole stitch bar or bridge. These bridges are used for making connections between cords or motifs of a lace.

In this video tutorial you will see one of the way how to connect crocheted pieces (motifs, cords) together.

This video tutorial demonstrated how to do wrapped bridge or bar. These bridges are used for connecting cords and motifs in lace work.

In this video, you will see how to create leaf In Romanian Point Lace. In this tutorial cord, needle and yarn: 100% cotton yarn, 169 meters in 50 grams.

Let's make the new project with us! Begin the work to make a cord: Tutorial 47.

With this video tutorial, you can learn how to make filling stitches in Romanian Point Lace. Lace making can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

This time we will make this beautiful shaped leaf of Romanian point lace cord and fill it with filling stitch. to do this we need a mat, a cord about.

In this tutorial you will see how to make coloful butterfly. This video tutorial consist of 3 part.

Romanian Point Lace Instruction

Unusual cord necklace with beads and seed beads. To begin the necklace take big beads and seed beads then master shows you how to join 2 pieces together.

Round Element Tutorial 80

studio sheru


For creating this round element you can do work with needle and yarn.

Lace as a general category can be traced back to its earliest beginnings as knotted nets. Other forms have evolved over time from whitework techniques such as cutwork or drawn work, and from early forms of darn-netting.

How to crochet summer tunic? We begin the summer tunic by making Romanina Point Lace Project: Tutorial 66.