Irish Crochet Leaf

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These free crochet video instruction will help you to complete this beautiful leaf.

In this tutorial you will learn how to crochet a classic leaf with little chain spaces inside.

This beautiful crochet leaf pattern is easy and fast to make.

It is a great idea for decoration: leaf looks unusual due to the arches made from the front.

Crochet leaf tutorials. In the tutorial you will see how to make crochet 3D leaf with trims. Also, a teacher demonstrates you how to make other variation of this leaf.

The work will take a little more time then you would spend on regular leaf but it worth it.

We started the leaf with a chain joined in the round and worked in rows.

One row we work in back loops and another one in front (free) loops.

I will show you how to crochet irish leaf with beads that can be used as an embellishment.

Crochet Leaf Tutorial 5

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To make this leaf you would need to work crochet stitches like: half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make a beautiful leaf motif which can be a great part of Irish Lace or Guipure Lace projects.

You can change the length and width this leaf according to you needs.

In this video tutorial you will see how to crochet a small round leaf.

In this video instruction we'll be making crochet flat leaf.

Our leaf will have leaf veins made of front loops of stitches.

This tutorial is about how to crochet a beautiful round leaf.

Learn how to crochet this beautiful leaf working stitches in back loops.

In this video tutorial You will find step-by-step instruction of making an unusual leaf that looks like a spider web.

With this free crochet leaf tutorial you practice you single crochet stitches and make a beautiful leaf at the same time.

In this crochet leaf tutorial we will show you how to make a small leaf that has picots around and made of different height posts.