Easy Crochet Flower

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Easy to crochet 6-petal puff stitch flower you see in this video.It can be part of lace or a decoration.

Crochet flower as a decoration will appeal to any girl or woman. In the video, presented by us today you will find a lot of options for the use of this Tunisian crochet flower.

Crochet flowers are becoming more and more popular around the world. Crochet lovers are making flowers and then decorating clothes, hats, scarfs, blankets and other necessary items with them.

Beautiful and fashionable flower you will see in our video tutorial. The center of the flower is made of small petals, which are crocheted from chains and double treble crochet stitches.

How to make crochet flower you will watch in this video. This cute little flower is quick to make and are perfect for embellishing any crochet project! The center of the flower is decorated with a bead.

Learn how to crochet a flower with these easy video tutorial. These free crochet flower patterns are just what you need to create all embellishments you can imagine.

Today we have an exclusive video tutorial for you. We hope you will enjoy watching this excellent video tutorial and master this super easy beaded 6-petal beautiful flower.

Crochet Video Tutorials. Discover many ideas in crocheting. With this video pattern, you will know how to crochet a popcorn flower made of 3 rounds.

Get more video tutorials. If you can crochet, you can make these flowers. If you can't crochet, don't worry. It’s very easy crochet this flower made of 3 rounds.

This is a great video by Sheruknittingcom that shows you how to make a crochet flower with cupped petals. She shows you step by step. It's a short video so watch and learn today!

It is one of the unbelievable flowers. Watch the step by step tutorial and learn how to make this crochet beaded flower.

In crochet flower tutorial we will be making this interesting crochet puff stitch double simple flower.

In this tutorial we will show you how to crochet cute flower with ruche petals.

Video tutorial demonstrates an easy crochet flower pattern to make.

For this small flower you can use some scrap of yarn and a bead or abotton for the center.

This simple flower is fast and very easy to crochet.

This little crochet 5-petal flower takes less then 15 minutes to make.

This pretty 6-petal flower is made in two rounds only. Each petal has a picot. It is not easy work but following our step-by-step video tutorial you will make it!

This pretty 6-petal simple flower is made in two rounds only. It is not easy work but following our step-by-step video tutorial you will make it!

The length of petals depends of posts that you make a popcorn stitch from. You can make a small popcorn of double crochet stitches or big popcorn of double treble crochet. Even for beginner these flowers won't take much time and skills.