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With this video, we continue showing you how to crochet accessories for daily life or for a date. The master will show you how to join a different kind of beads in crocheting.

Take your creativity a step further and attempt crocheting gorgeous looking necklaces for yourself to add finesse and style to your appearance. In this cord tutorial, you will learn how to make a crochet necklace cord with beads.

Crochet video tutorials. Watch and learn how to crochet double-sided tape with beads. The base of this crochet tape is sextuple treble crochet stitch.

The tutorial is devoted to crochet simple and interesting jewelry made of puff stitches and chains with beads. Beads were joined to work with chains in this crocheting a cord.

A step by step tutorial to different methods of making a crochet cord for the embellishment. This great idea is for creating belt, necklace, bracelet.

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to create this little leaf. Perfect for embellishing your hats, shoes, scarfs, sweaters, etc. Crochet leaf video patterns can be used for so many different types of projects.

Amateurs can even get fancy with their craft thanks to video tutorials. After you read these directions, you can make this beautiful simple flower all by yourself.

Today we have an exclusive video tutorial for you. We hope you will enjoy watching this excellent video tutorial and master this super easy beaded 6-petal beautiful flower.

Crochet Flower Video Tutorials. You can make such crochet 3D centre flower as bright or as light as you like. Either way, they are absolutely stunning!

This video demonstrates you how to crochet floral cord with beads. In the process of making the adorable floral cord, I will demonstrate you how to join a bead to the petal.

In this crochet jewelry video tutorial, you will learn how to crochet ring necklace. you can use this crochet cord as a necklace or a bracelet.

Make handmade beaded necklaces with this step by step video tutorial. In the video you can see how I have joined different kinds of beads in the necklace.

In this instruction, I demonstrate you how to crochet a cute simple beaded flower. You can use such flower as an embellishment or as a separate element for Irish Lace.

Crochet Baby Sandals Tutorial 222

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They are so tiny and cute and adorable, and they go on tiny, cute, adorable little feet. The precious sandal ideas below include video pattern that are easy to follow.

Learn how to crochet a flower with these easy video tutorial. These free crochet flower patterns are just what you need to create all embellishments you can imagine.

Crochet jewelry can be super fashionable and I want to share that with others! How to crochet a simple and fast jewelry in one evening you will learn from our tutorial.

Crochet Flower Video Pattern Tutorial 185.

In this time we teach you how to make easy to crochet cord and in the same time very beautiful cord. This cord you can use for creating such jewelry as necklaces, bracelets, belts.

How to crochet a smart and simple flower with voluminous petals you will learn from our lesson. When we made a flower, we used beads. This flower consists of 6 small petals and 6 petals.

Step by step video instruction how to make flower with different petals. The base for the petals has 2 kinds of complex stitches, 3 of them are for scroll petals and other 3 are for round petals.