Crochet Motifs

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of crochet motifs.

We will be showing how to make this beautiful crochet mesh circle and later you will get to know how you connect such crochet circle motifs together creating one large piece of work.

In this crochet video you will learn you how to crochet this small motif and also i will show you how to join these motifs. Crochet small motif has only 4 rounds.

With this crochet instruction you will know how to crochet motif. This crochet motif can be part of crochet clothes. Crochet motif instruction has 2 parts. In part 1 we will crochet the motif.

In part 3 we will show you how to crochet top and shoulders part of crochet vest with bear square motifs.

Crochet Motif Tutorial 40

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This beautiful and easy to crochet motif you can use as a separate element to decorate your projects or you can make 2 or even more the same motifs and combine them together creating something larger.

Learn how to crochet with us! With this video you will learn how to make a crochet ruffled round motif, that consists of 7 rounds. You can make this ruffled motif as of cotton so of wool yarn.

Here you will find detail video tutorial about how to join motif together with a help as you go technique. You can use the technique to join together many types of motifs.

In this crochet motif tutorial I will be crocheting this octagon motif and also you will see how to join these octagons together to make create larger projects.

In the first part you will know how to crochet such beautiful motif, that has 7 rounds. There are lots of pictures as well as a detailed video tutorials describing the process how to make motif.

In this tutorial we are going to teach how to crochet flat element. Very creative and useful to crochet this item. Start crochet today and get a big pleasure.

Get more crochet video tutorials on our website. This is another most popular joints of motives. My small crocheted piece consists of 6 the exact same motifs joined together in one-go technique.

Crochet Elements and Motifs for Freeform Technique. With this video you can learn how to make a base or a round element for scrumble.

This simple and at the same time chic crocheted bolero made of large separate crocheted motifs.

This vest was crocheted. You connect motifs with each other as you go while crocheting the last round of each.

Current crochet leaf pattern is fantastic to work up: it is quick to make, take up much yarn, and it is forever useful.

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Bright Pullover Made of Motifs 495

In this crochet video tutorial was used 55% Cotton 45% Polyacryl 160m/50gr. Crochet hook 2,25mm or 2 mm.